Owner Experience

The Owner Experience - What is it like? 

From the out-of-this-world adrenaline and uncontrollable emotion of the first win, with legs turning to jelly, heart rates going through the roof, non-stop shaking for at least 2 hours, and wide smiles that stay on faces for weeks, to the excitement and nervousness that the following races bring (after you've tasted that first big win).

In their case, Stephen and Rachael couldn’t sleep the whole week leading up to the next race. Every approaching day brought some type of excitement - from the nominations, to the weights, to the acceptances and barrier draw…

By the time race day came around, they felt like movie stars walking towards the mounting yard with the other owners, feeling as if they were in slow motion with the wind sweeping through their hair.

(They did, however, have to leave the race day a little early because they had exhausted themselves – so they can also provide tips about what not to do!)

Through Harney Stone Racing, Stephen and Rachael want to provide the opportunity for others to experience horse racing as they have.

What to expect with Harney Stone Racing

As a stakeholder in a Harney Stone Racing thoroughbred you can enjoy all the benefits of outright ownership at a fraction of the cost.

We know that being well informed on your horse's progress and plans is crucial to your experience. That is why we have systems designed to keep you well in the know. Frequent emails, photos, newsletters, audio files, videos, phone calls and text messages are our primary forms of contact.

As a Harney Stone Racing owner you’re encouraged to watch your horse at trackwork and visit the stables or spelling farms.

On race day you can expect a ticket into the Members’ Area along with an Owners’ Pass to get ‘up close and personal’ with your horse, trainer and jockey in the mounting yard to get the late mail.

You and your fellow owners will also have opportunity to lead your horse back to the winners circle after a win for that much sort after photo.

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